Partnerships for Social Initiatives (PSI) is a non-governmental, independent, non-partisan research and educational think tank, devoted to developing, advocating, and implementing public policies necessary for the establishment of a consolidated liberal democracy in Georgia. 

PSI activities consider:
- Contributing to improvement of joint work of government, private sector and civil society in the process of ongoing in the country important reforms of constitutional, judiciary, health care and social protection systems; study, research and analyses of these processes; professional interpretation of the results of research and their dissemination using various means of media (TV, radio, web, press); inclusion of population in radio on air and online discussions; conducting professional educational seminars for journalists and students and providing media representatives with reliable and timely information on above processes.
- Conducting Public Policy dialogue – transparent, professional, non- politicized public discourses (debates) with participation of all stakeholders; elaboration of expert recommendations for decision makers considering views and comments of all participants.
- Through its public debates, conferences, seminars, radio and tv programs, research and publications PSI acts as a liason between government, private sector and society.

For 11 years of functioning PSI became firmly established, earned a good name for itself.

Its esperience is well known and appreciated by a number of international organizations.

For present PSI
holds the standing of a team capable to provide all the spectrum of decision makers with well thought-out advices and valuable recommendations.

In the period of 2010-2011 PSI work was focused on Projects:
1. “Support Public Policy Discourse in Georgia”  
U.S.Agency for International Development (USAID)
Assessing the New Constitutional and Judiciary Reform  
National Endowment for Democracy (NED)



Center for Advanced Regional and Energy Security Studies

The Center is as an independent research think tank under the umbrella of PSI Georgia. The Center aims to study the potential of Georgia to serve as a transit bridge and trade platform between Central Asia and EU and Persian Gulf and EU based on its agreement on associated membership to and Deep, Comprehensive and Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU.

The Center is devoted to contribute to spread of information and knowledge on opportunities DCFTA offers for developing transit and trade platform among Caspian, Gulf and Black Sea Regional countries and EU. The center also focusses on the role of South Caucasus in developing one of the branches of Silk Road for promoting the transit of goods and trade between EU and China across the Black Sea under DCFTA between Georgia and EU.   With this view, the center aims to conduct research work, organize conferences and seminars in partnership with interested think tanks and research centers in the region as well as within EU.